Thanks lichess

2 years ago, I joined lichess with very little chess knowledge, Thanks to this site and its resources and puzzles, and some youtube videos by: @ChessWhiz, John Bartholomew ( @Fins ), Ginger GM, Ben finegold, Spencer finegold, @pepellou (pepe doval) , and others.

I started without knowing how castling work, or evern how to set up a chess board.


Blitz peak rating: 1739
Rapid peak rating: 1782
Puzzles peak rating: 2236 (have screenshot :) ) - and 20997 puzzles solved.

So thanks everyone contributing to this website and providing load of useful information :)

Good job @hash11011

It's so nice to see you found a place where you belong and grow.
And it's special that you make me feel part of it.

My respect for your chess achievements and for the kindness in sharing your gratitude.
We're all learning thanks to lichess and the community, and yet we usually forget to say "thanks".
Well done, buddy :-)


Glad you enjoyed the videos. I believe that chess can make your life better. It sounds like it did for you! :)

What are all these super good players doing here? :) Congratz! Your chess knowledge will only continue to grow faster. Try getting it to the 2ks!

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