Tactics puzzle repeated on computer and phone app

Recently, I found that if I do tactics puzzle on both the computer (web interface) and the phone (Lichess App), certain puzzles will repeat.

Let me explain in more detail:
1) First I do tactics puzzle on computer
2) Log off computer
3) When I use the Lichess phone app, I find that certain tactics are repeated from my previous session on the computer.

This is not a serious bug, but hopefully it can be fixed.

I have found that solving puzzles on the app alone leads to repeating puzzles within the app. Meaning, I solve a puzzle once in the app. Some time later I encounter the same puzzle while training in the app. I actually sort of like it though because it reinforces the pattern you learned the first time seeing it -- especially if you missed it before.

I experience the same problem (and have opened a similar thread few days ago).

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