Swiss tournaments are on Lichess

Hello all, I just created a new Swiss tournament for my team. But no matter what I do the tournament page shows only two rounds. Is this a known bug?

Its not a bug, its the expected number of rounds that can be played. It has to be from 2 rounds to The amount of rounds you put. It says 2 rounds because your tourny has very little players.
I think I found one bug. On Mac OS Mojave, creating a swiss tournament with Safari web browser, I couldn't edit the start date. It shows "undefined" in the date field and "NaN" as prompt text in the time field. Both are not editable. With chrome web browser, everything works fine.
@thibault How can we participate in Swiss tournaments from app? I think it would be great to have "my tournaments" tab in Lichess app, to quickly access tournaments we are participating. Thanks for great features!!!
We created (with our children chess group) the first Swiss Tournament, and it was awesome. The childs enjoyed the tournament much more than the Arena, and even with the only 8 players, we have 4 rounds played. The better ones up to 1600 plan on the top, and the unrated ones at the bottom, and all enjoy it. Thank's to the team for a great new feature!!
Would a double swiss tournament feature be available in the near future? Having swiss tournaments would be difficult for variants since white usually has the upper hand. Also, I just think it would be an interesting feature to have-- being able to balance out color odds in standard chess too.
I suggest that lichess should have the option for swiss tournament in the create tournament regardless of club.
Anyone could make swiss tournaments and anyone could join it.
Please pay attention to my suggestion.

I am also looking forward to see Round Robin tournaments on this great site!

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