Suggestion: Sort active players by time spent playing


I am not sure whether or not this has been requested before, but since I have not found any forums on this topic, I would like to tell it here. On page there is a ranking for the Most active players, which is determined by games played.However, most of this leader board is taken up by people like german11, who play lots of bullet time control games. That is unfair to those who prefer classical time controls. Let's look at an example:

Player A: Non-stop bullet player without improvement
Player B: Slower time controls to improve their chess

Who do you think would get in the leader board faster? By the time Player B finishes one game of 15+15, Player A could have already played over 15 bullet games.Using this proportion, if german11 has played nearly 330,000 bullet games, then the classical player only has around 22,000 games, not possible to get in the leaderboard, even if two players have played for the same amount of time.

This makes it clear that players who play bullet time control have advantage over those who play slower time controls to improve. What matters is time spent playing, not how many bullet games you can get. This adjustment should not be too hard to accomplish, as you can already tell how much time a player has spent playing by going to their profile.

*I also believe that these players deserve trophies on their profiles. Just like it was for chess variants,a trophy for top 1/10/100 would inspire others to be more active.

Lastly,few more little suggestions:
1.Make some hourly/daily classical chess tournaments.
2.Improvement of challenge window(make it possible to see,who had challenged you when you were away from lichess or busy
3.Increase size of the chat box slightly.
4.My friend @kazamaza requested me to tell that Lichess contributors
also deserve trophies.(For people,who are actively contributing in studies,being nice in the chats,and for generating interesting ideas to make Lichess better)

Thanks for reading,

Please don't create forum topics which have multiple topics... herding cats trying to keep a public conversation focused is tricky. :-(

@Toadofsky Thanks for your answer! I thought that adding few more suggestions might be useful,but now seems it is not.It will be just one topic.Sorting active players in the leaderboard by time spent playing is good enough for now.I have not checked how it is on other sites,but some of them possibly have something similar to my suggested leaderboard system.I am going to check few chess sites,and maybe find couple and let you know.

I really like this suggestion, especially since I enjoy blitz/rapid and play in lots of atomic tournaments which are also blitz.

Good suggestion, but if this does get implemented, time playing in faster games should still be worth a bit more than playing in classical/correspondence, and other long games, to avoid people from playing really long games and not moving to try to get a high active time (make it based a bit off of number of moves or games played also, but not so much).

The small chat window in tourneys, when there are streamers capturing the space, makes it useless
sometimes. It could as well just disappear, and I don't think it's right to indirectly give away control
about the size of the chat to streamers.

@kazamaza I actually would not mind if they choosed you as the most active "community" member.However,there are more people who has done their effort in being a patron,developing,moderating,and other way supporting Lichess.

@rookceps Yes,i agree.When few people are streaming in the tournament,then the chat room loses space and gets decreased.

@Toadofsky I have checked and found good examples of how it would look like:
Chess tempo is made for solving chess puzzles and i found statistics about users and their time spent solving it.
Same thing might be good here in Lichess,but instead just time spent "Playing" and a player's username.
Red hot pawn is another chess site.Here the table represents wins/losses and rating.However,we need time spent playing.It would be a useful tool to see player's username,time spent playing,and even maybe number of played games,which already is here.For good visibility it is good to use table indeed.

I also did not mind to check few @german11 's statistics.Here are few of them:
On average he played 137.5 games per day.
1 game takes on average 2 minutes and 9 seconds.Let me know if it was any helpful.