SUGGESTION: Connect with discord app

I'm constantly on, but I would like it somehow to be displayed on my discord so my friends can see that I am playing If I am playing let's say other video game platforms, it would show up on my discord profile and my friends would see what I am playing: e.g. "____account name____ playing". Not sure if it has been brought up before, but it would be a nice quality-of-life addition to the site.

What are people's thoughts on it?

I wish there were an open-source Discord alternative... but having searched, I haven't found one.

Also it would be great if Discord allowed you to connect your lichess account

There's another idea of making a Discord server of just people who are on Lichess, but, still, we wouldn't know if we were on lichess in the first place. :'(

I am sure there is a way for to become a certain partner with Discord. That way, we could connect our accounts.

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