Stop lowering the rating deviation minimum!

I like the new system better. I think that smaller rating deviation and more rating stability is a good thing.

I'm if not a top, a strong atomic player, and it drives me crazy when I get whites against 1400 rated players and blacks against 2000 rated. In atomic color makes a big difference, there are drawing lines for white, which are relatively easy to learn and some 2000 rated players just enjoy playing those for some rating gain. Also in atomic turnout is low, you are forced to play against low rated players, and a disconnect against such a player detroys your rating ( not to speak of oversights which also can happen against any player ).

I enjoy the rating stability this new system offers and I don't mind building up my rating with slow but systematic work.

@fpvbmct I want an accurate rating system. If that makes my scores lower then of course I still want it.

I'll take not having fake high peaks over having a huge drop after a bad streak.

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