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There is a difference between navigating sites and playing fast paced chess that demand a decent internet connection.

The problem is not related/restricted to "fast paced chess"!!! It happens in "slow" games too...

Getting better usually helps too with getting over some rating

Maybe same for me. see my last games !
I used chrome for about 5 years without any problem on lichess.
After upgrading to version Chrome 70, lichess became almost unusable (very slow responsiveness). so i decided to switch to firefox.
Using firefox is very fast but about 1 bullet game every 20 or 30, i got disconnection during 3-5 seconds during 1 game without any compensation, which leaded to many loss.

I never saw such behaviour before (i played about 100 games per day) with chrome.
Bye !

Whitedancingrockstar wrote: "Getting better usually helps too with getting over some rating"

Are you suggesting that lichess gives better resources to high rated players? So sad...

I think he was suggesting that by playing better chess you get a higher rating.

LOL!!!! Don't you understand irony?

The better word choice would be sarcasm.

Yes! You are right! My English is so bad… :-D

Well, at least you're being candid about it! 👌

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