Simply lost on time ... and got warning??

In this position q3k2r/1r1n1pp1/1p1Q3p/3PpP2/6P1/4B3/P6P/1RR3K1 w k - 0 31 I investet too much time for finding the winning move and then after Rxb6 Nxb6 I simply lost on time and cannot understand the warning?? I simply lost on time ...

In the future, it would likely be more helpful if you posted a link to the game (in this case, .)

Based on a quick look on the Move Times graph, it appears you spent a whopping 28.6 seconds looking for Rxb6, after which you had a mere second left. I don't see any sort of warning in the chat, but if you were warned, it's probably because the system falsely believed you were running the time down (as many trolls will abandon a game and run the time down, and possibly attempt to blitz out the final few seconds in hopes that their opponent has also left the game), and so flagged you as such.

If it's just a warning, you can probably afford to simply ignore it--just be more careful in terms of spending large amounts of time towards the end of games.

So in other words, don't manage your time or use it wisely. Just play random move or you may be flagged as a cheater/user.

The use of "troll" is different than the one I'm used to, which is different from when I started using the internet. We need to stop changing the definitions of words or, at least, put out a memo of when you change the main usage.

@jonesmh note that you are not flagged as anything, it's just an automatic warning. If you are not abusing the system, just ignore it - I don't know of anyone who got punished for managing their time 'wisely' as you put it, don't worry.

As for the second part of your post I don't really see what the problem is, or its relevance for the subject at hand for that matter.

@WanoBanano Repeated offenses of any misconduct can get you flagged and banned. Just ignore the fanatics long enough, and it's bite you. (Not to accuse anyone of being or acting like a fanatic.)

As for the second part, it seems simple enough. You changed the meaning of a word just to fit your meaning at the time. By doing this, you are destroying any constructive conversation, and in respect makes you a troll.

FSU! Although you've already committed the sin you seem to abhor, I suggest that we drop this off topic discussion lest we get a "warning" against (my make up word) &^TROUYF(&Y_T.

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