SF Analysis arrow

Can you add an option to only have the best move showing up an arrow not the second or third move it is very inconvenient to have multiple arrow while I wanna keep multiple line of analysis if i am not convince of the top move I will check for second move now I have to turn to 1 line only and turn 2 line manually if I don't like the top move.

It is already there! In Lichess studies you can choose Menu on the right side of the board.Then switch "Multiple lines" analysis to 1/5,or 2/5.
If you want to analyse game not via study,then you can just go to the game analysis window,and again there is "Menu" button with multiple lines and other useful options.

@risky-chess That's exactly what they said they didn't want to do.

@chess131274 The arrow for the top suggestion shows up bolder and in a different color to the secondary suggested lines. Doesn't this address your issue?

Not really I never realize that but even now that I know I still don't wanna see 5 arrow on the board

Side note: a tremendous thank you to the developers for finally offering multiple line arrows in the Android app!

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