Scrolling problem in mobile app

I uninstalled Chrome updates and it worked. I didn't have to do anything else. Don't disable Chrome because that might mess up some other apps.
Facing scroll problems on Pixel2 XL as well. Can't join a tournament because I don't see the Join button

Indeed however it wasn't until the latest Chrome update that everyone's experiencing this issue. We're working on it...
I'm facing the same problem. Moto G 6 Plus. Android 9. Waiting for an update that fixes the bug.
The same issue with scrolling. Please fix. Thanks.
Scrolling in the mobile app doesn't work here either. Galaxy S7, Android 8. Neither deactivating nor uninstalling Chrome helped here. I don't know how to downgrade it nor how to change the Android System Webviewer as it's greyed out in the developers menue... any ideas?
I see that this has been reported and you're already working on it, so just wanted to report that also on a Huawei P20 lite scrolling doesn't work.
Thanks so much, I appreciate the hard work of lichess volunteers.

Any idea how long the fix will take? I'd rather not disable Chrome or roll back updates -- Android tells me that doing so would cause me to lose my Chrome data.
This has been resolved and a fixed version has been published to the Play Store. Simply update the lichess app to the latest version (6.1.1) and scrolling will work again.

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