Scrolling problem in lichess app

I can't scroll down on the analysis page and can't go through the moves in my games. This has happened before after a Chrome update...

Are you facing this problem with the Android app? Because I am seeing the same thing in my Android app, particularly after the latest update to Chrome 73. I can't scroll beyond the last 12 games in my game list, and same when I try to see games in other players' profiles.

I'm surprised that this is not yet reported in lichess app Github page.

Yes, on my android app, exactly as you described it.

Just wanted to add another reply to this thread to float this on top of the forum. I hope the developers will take notice.

Last time the problem occurred I was advised to disable Chrome updates, so I might try that this time as well.

You can try to disable chrome updates (which gets auto-updated btw), but how do you get rid of chrome version 73, which is causing this weird problem ? Is there any way to "downgrade" the chrome version?

Actually I was able to uninstall Chrome updates from my phone, and currently using the factory version of chrome (v 68). Lichess app is behaving normally now. I won't be updating Chrome unless Vincent comes up with a fix in the next App release.

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