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I would absolutely love to see a feature that allows the user to replay their games in real time. I am starting to be able to make a lot of premoves in endgames and I really want to watch those, because it's almost like seeing it from the opponent's perspective. Perhaps add a "play" button in addition to the already existing buttons for game start, step back, step forward, game end. In the center would be logical, and while playing it becomes a pause button.

I think what you want is already implemented even if somewhat hidden. Under the move list there is a "hamburger" menu on the right side opposite to opening book. Hit that and then choose Replay Mode: Realtime. You can also flip the board from there if you want to see the game from the opponents's perspective.

Yes, I found that last night, but it seems to be available only on the website and not in the application. I do most of my playing from my phone, and I don't see that feature there.

So I'll still leave the topic here and hope that the developers take notice.

As for flipping the board, that part doesn't really impact me much. I was thinking more about the psychological perspective of seeing a series of crushing moves blitzed out to give checkmate in the final seconds.