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Hello lichess community,

I would like to make a pretty simple suggestion: Remove BOT RandomMoverBot. This idea came in today, especially when I saw this game:

Rzenaikrzys, aka The #1 Racing Kings player in the leaderboard, is using this "cheap shot" to make him appear back on the leaderboard. I think playing rated against a BOT rated 800 should not what a "Champion of a variant" limits himself. Let me be clear, this is not a hate message of Rzenaikrzys, I just think that it will be fun if he could play against some real players instead of playing bots. I am telling this because many RK players are using the same behavior (playing against 1500?) and almost none of the top players are playing together. Players should play together if they want to maintain alive a chess variant, not playing this bot.

Just another in the countless reasons not to care at all about the leaderboards, especially in variants. They are utterly meaningless and tell you nothing at all about the strength of the people. I can't think of a single reason for leaderboards for variants to exist on this Web site. They are completely illegitimate.

I think you should suggest forcing that a player plays human opponents to stay in the leaderboard, rather than removing this bot.

No reason to remove the bot, even I like playing it from time to time.

@finlip I agree, and strongly do not want to remove him.

ya i also like to play with him

@FalconPower there is a good saying: do not blame the players, blame the game.

The bot clearly is not to blame here. He sucks but he sucks consistently and does not hide it. It clearly tells this in the bot description.

The player technically has not done anything bad. There are rules how to get to a leaderboard and there is no rule not to play someone really terrible.

Blame the rules of the game. The rules are not well thought and therefore people who have a little bit of brain can easily take advantage of them. What lichess creator should do is to change the rules. One easy solution can be: to stay in the leaderboard you should play with a person who is either stronger than you or has at least 25% chance of winning you (based on elo calculation). You can change 25 to something else.

"to stay in the leaderboard you should play with a person who is either stronger than you ..."

If you are at the top of the leaderboard then nobody else is stronger than you.

Imagine taking half of somebody's quote but leaving in the word "either" while cutting out anything but the first option, and then responding as if the word either and subsequent options weren't there.

In other words, you've purposely omitted the remainder of that sentence in order to reply to what you want to pretend he said, instead of what he actually said.

I also played with other BOT like-
So,If I am number 1 and my score vs him i 5-2(5 victories),why e.g
number 2 or 3 can't win against him and his score is 0-2,
Why do you think that BOTS are weak?

Stop insulting me for no reason

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