refuser revanche

Often my opponent proposes a rematch, I click on "refuser" and a revanche starts. Why? What am I doing wrong? I then annul the rematch and get a warning from you guys. I never want a rematch. Do I need to just ignore it, rather than try to say no?

@NoobBatter based on about 30 seconds of Google, it appears that is either French or Portugese. Both languages have the same definition so hard to guess which.

I seriously doubt that you couldn't figure out what it meant from the context in the post. Which begs the question of why you thought trying to belittle someone would help with the problem at hand. Perhaps you can enlighten me?

Refuser revanche is French and means decline rematch offer. The decline button is way too small (which I posted elsewhere), so it often results in misclicks on the accept button.

revanche is french indeed, but is used in brazilian portuguese too. Not of common use in Portugal despite most players understand the meaning.

Simply change your language to French, and run through the screens. It's pretty obvious what each term means.
Thanks @KnightSearch Maybe I am misclicking, but the little 'refuser' button sort of blinks off and on, and the trouble seems to be clicking on 'refuser' at the instant that it blinks off. That is me guessing, no evidence to support it.

In my language (German) it is also "Revanche" which you must "ablehnen". It seems that you must click on the "x", not very easy with the current design.

Believe it or not, Russian borrowed this word from French as well:


Consider that someone who wants to 're-do' history is, in English, also called a "Revanchist."

you can also ignore that offer without clicking [x]

... which I do from now on as long as the GUI is not changed.