refuser revanche

I notice on my Note 8 I have to rotate the phone to landscape to see the "X" to decline a rematch, which I'll usually do out of courtesy if I remember to. Otherwise the UI is fantastic on mobile since 2.0. I would love to see Insights made mobile-friendly but that's a lot of stuff to cram on a small screen.

Probably a good excuse to try and find a used tablet. The site looks especially good on my first gen Kindle HD but it's slower than molasses and that's not a lichess problem. Just old hardware and/or Amazon's clunky browser.

I figured out why it bothers me so much. It's because the "revanche" square keeps blinking, over and over, forever, unless I do something about it. Which makes me think my previous opponent is insisting, repeatedly, on a rematch. Could it just blink, say, three times, and then leave me alone. I am sitting there reflecting on my game and that rematch thing just keeps blinking. Stop it!

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