Reduced Capacity Advanced Search

Advanced Search is missing many of its search fields. Is Lichess planning something new?
What I would like to see on Advanced Search:

* Allow me to search games of a named opening (ECO Code).
* Search for games that contain a position, given by a FEN string.

With > 30.000 games, you don't try any more to find any game, so the only way now is to remember a special game in a study to find it later.

So the following would be really nice: Set myself as black, won game, moves < 30, and FEN string for an opening I want to improve.

Or myself as black, lost, my loved opening, where I win most, but sometimes miss an opportunity and loose.

Some fields were removed from the advanced research page because the database became too large and requests were too expensive to perform.
Hi @mliebelt,

You might not believe this but when I first started playing on Lichess they had the search feature, search by ECO code. I loved it. I could study my past games of a certain opening, try to determine opening I liked or was good at. It was really interesting. A couple of years later Lichess got rid of that field. Sad, both for me and for Lichess. Why they would get rid of such a helpful search mechanism was incomprehensible to me.

I posted many times in the forum asking for this back, trying to explain how good it was and how everybody could use it to study chess. They never responded,

Now, as you see, I'm still on Lichess, support Lichess, love Lichess; but IMHO that was a poor move. Glad to see some revived interest.

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