Question regarding arenas with increment (e.g. 3+2 or 10+10)

Hello everyone,
I greatly enjoy the Arena tournaments here on lichess, however I do have a question about time controls: The arena tournaments mostly use move times without increment (10+0, 5+0, 3+0, 1+0 and so on), the only arena with increments I could find is the bullet 1+1.
My question is why there are no arenas with increment time controls, for example 10+10 or maybe 8+5, and for blitz for example 3+2. I think there is a fair amount of players that would also enjoy these time controls, probably if they suffer from bad time management like me ;)
Or is there any problem with these time controls in arena games? Or are there hints that a vast majority prefer time controls without increments? That would be interesting to me as well.

Just an idea for a discussion :)

I think the official reasons are:
1. Without increment, pairings occur faster (because games tend to finish around the same time)
2. Maybe zero-increment tournaments are more popular? I don't remember.

I would like to play 3+2, 5+3, 15+10, 25+10, but as there are no such tournaments, I end up playing 5+0 or 10+0 whichever is possible as non thematic.
So the popularity of 5+0 and 10+0 descends from the availablility of tournaments.
All FIDE competitions are with increment.
Increment prevents those silly KR vs. KR flaggings.

In my sense, tournaments with increment are the logic evolution of the "Hourly Tournaments" : 1m+1s, 3m+2s, 5m+3s and 10m+5s (25+10 is too long to play a tournament because it's around 1 hour per game).
I already ask for this 3 years ago :

May be Swiss pairing is more suitable for this kind of tournament. Let say some "Hourly Lichess Swiss Increment Tournament".

Having 3+2 would be nice because it is a very common time control. Maybe also 5+3 or 10+5.

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