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I have been getting increasingly annoyed with the ping which consistently displays as roughly 400 milliseconds. I can live with losing 400ms on every move, but every few games or so there are times when each move has a delay of 10 seconds, some examples below. I really prefer the Lichess interface, feel and features compared to but these moments really take away from my enjoyment of the game.

Anyways, my main question is about what are the causes of this bad spikes in connections. Is it a problem only on the lichess mobile app and not on computer? Perhaps those laggy games arise when I play with opponents that are in the West and thus the information from the game is sent to a server nearer to them? Maybe, servers in SEA are fewer and get overloaded? I would really appreciate if I could get some answers and find solutions that are within my means of control. Thanks!

Edit : Apologies for putting the gamelinks in this fashion, I believe that the forum chess board does not display timestamps hence why I'm putting in this way.

lichess tends to be faster than, but perhaps you should play there, if it suits and works better for you.

"Maybe, servers in SEA are fewer..."

A lot fewer.

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