"Puzzles" training repeated puzzles between computer and mobile

Hi all!

I use both lichess in a browser window on my computer, and on the lichess app on my mobile phone (ios). When I do training "puzzles" on the computer browser, then later attempt to do puzzles on my phone app, I *always* get the exact same puzzles I already completed on the computer. I suspect there is some sort of db synchronization issue at fault here, but I am no expert.

I am just reporting the bug because I would like to see "fresh" puzzles, regardless of whether I'm on a browser or the mobile app.

Thank you!

My problem with the puzzles is that they come from rather odd games and don’t appear to reflect good thinking or logic or chess strategy development they’re simply taken from a game good or bad. And some of the choices even at my lower level are very poor in terms of correct moves. I welcome your thoughts.

That may be true, jb2shoes, but just to be clear that is a separate problem from the one I described in my original post.

I have the same problem. I solved it by not using the app any more (you can play on the website from your mobile as well). Anyways it seems like devs don't care about bug reports.

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