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  3. puzzle blunder ?


Im doing puzzle, and I notice some blunders from the computer

Like this one

Why the computer doesnt take my queen ? It is disturbing for finding the good answer ...

fxg6+ Kxf6

You win a full bishop either way.

It probably analyzed that taking the queen leaves black in a worse position. Black is losing a bishop anyway, It's not a blunder. You should find the best move to whatever the computer answer is, in this case - taking the f7 bishop.

Also, sometimes I think the computer chooses not the best answer on purpose, just to test if you can find the right move to solve the puzzle.

Yes, sometimes there are boring variations were a queen is sacrificed but without the sacrifice you would need to find an amazing mate-in-5 or something.

There's analysis feature provided right inside the puzzles. If you're struggling to understand, use it and all your questions will be answered. Trust me, all of those "blunders" are yours, not computer's.