Profile Win/Loss/Draw and overall time played

Hi everyone,

I ́m new here and sort of new back to chess after almost 20 years of not playing.
That ́s why I so far only played against the computer, just to practise.

I ́m kind of confused with regard to my profile:

Playtime: 3 hours and 4 Minutes
This has to be either much more or 0, if only playing against another human counts. Can anyone explain this?

It says 36 losses, even though there is nothing when I click on it.
And it for example says 6 draws, evne though there are not only draws in it...

So is all that just because I only played against the computer so far?
Can someone explain?


Hi, welcome to Lichess.

The time spent playing refers to the overall time you have spent during all your games you played on this site, doesn't matter if casual or rated, vs humans or computer. You think it should be more than 3 hours, I can't really tell.

Since you have not played rated games vs other players you don't have detailed stats for each time control or variant. Although you should still be able to find all your games you played vs the engine.
It is true though, that under "losses" the list is empty and under "draws" there are the losses, that seems like a bug. However a workaround is using the advanced search and filter by winner/loser.

Ok, thank you for that workaround.

Also, I just played a match against the computer again and nothing changed with regard to my playtime.
Still 3 hours and 4 minutes...

I think something is bugged there. I played 757 matches; I ́m not that fast. ;)
Or maybe only matches played with a time limit count??

Most times I don ́t have a time limit set on my matches cos of work and other things happening around me during the working hours of a day, cos I would just loose to the clock a lot cos I have to take care of something else...

EDIT: Yes, that ́s it with regard to my playtime. Only timed matches count. Now it ́s 3 hours and 7 minutes.

But my losses being put in the draw section is still a bug, I think.
Does this happen to others as well? Should I report it somewhere besides here?

EDIT 2: Found it on Github. It is a bug but can ́t be changed:
It's because the DB selection for draws is

def draw(u: String): Bdoc = user(u) ++ finished ++ F.winnerId.$exists(false) and the AI has no winnerId

There's no fixing it without adding a new index on the games collection, which is very expensive

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