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  3. Problem with puzzle n°63627

I think something is wrong with the solution of the problem n°63627 .
Indeed, the website shows the solution is 10 ... Nxd4 11 Bxd4 Qxd4. Tell me if I'm wrong but if 10 Nxd4 then 11 Qxd5, black would obviously have to play 11 ... exd allowing white to play 12 Bxd4 and then it would be quite equal, as you would have been trading a queen and a knight exactly for the same thing.
So from 10 Qf3 I don't really see any advantage to take for black, so either there's a problem with the solution of the puzzle, or I might have missed something !

EDIT : Ok sorry I missed something. If 11. Qxd5 then 11 ... Nxc2+ and black is a knight up. Sorry !

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