Pretty sure lichess just robbed me of a game

I was playing 3 minute blitz and started getting the reconnecting icon but I was able to browse and refresh other pages, but lichess would not let me reconnect or refresh. This went on for about a minute and a half - complete connectivity to the Net, but no ability to connect to lichess. In fact even as I'm writing this it says "Reconnecting" in red at the top of the browser but other sites come up instantly and I have a pretty fast / reliable internet cable connection. Maybe re-starting the browser will help.

Same here - robbed of a win against much lower rated player in the U1500 Arena. Why play on a server that just disconnects you? Let alone pay for it????

This sucks.

Was in a game where I just blundered when the server shit itself. It was my opponents though so I won LMAO

If you are a patron, why is there no real support on this site?

because support shouldn't depend on being a patron anyway.
it clearly states, the only benefit from being a patron is the cool logo and knowing you helped keeping the site running.

I lost contact too and the lost game! Forgot how to report issue! Lost rating.