Please give more points, thank you!

Again only +7 points for almost +100 opponent. And he lost 34 POINTS!!! What is going on?

You calculating hard in a match and boink, +7 points. It is almost like i lose to a gm and i get 0 points.

Please LiChess Do something about this rating system.

I just only know that points was nerfed a while. At the old times the average points for wins was +15-20 for me. Now i only get this amount if i beat 1700-1800 . which is +500 points higher. Funny.

Also here he beats a weaker opponent and gets more points. than me
He has more ranked games and me (so not a new player) and still gets overall more points.

The reason the difference exists is because of the rating deviation (RD). The higher the RD the lest confident the elo system is in the accuracy of your rating, therefore causing bigger gains or losses. The lower the RD, the less swing in rating because the elo system is confident your rating is close to your skill. Make sense?

Elo system is best . No doubt about it . If you guys love this new G system so much , why not have two rating systems calculated for each person ?

@ChesswurmOTB Well thanks for the explanation. This is only good for players which don't want to lose big points. This is good for them. But i prefer win more and lose more .

@Boobie2 Yes elo system is great!