Please, ban non-fair players.

What this message is for?

"Warning, ***. Leaving games without resigning will result in a temporary ban".

Many players are still leaving games without resigning and nothing's happening. Please, ban this non-fair players taking them 5 points off (or something similar) every time they do that. You could also reward with some points those who have the patience to wait.

This has been already requested before without much success.Lichess is banning these players,and percentage of time-wasters and leavers is pretty low.Not all of them leave the game on purpose.It could also be a random disconnections.Some stronger punishment possibly is needed,but not by much.It is up to Lichess,if they decide to add stronger measures.In my experience,i like how it is at the moment.

@RafelAngel , I see where you are coming from, but I have accidentally disconnected during a game before and would not like to lose points for it, so I understand both sides of the argument. Lichess is doing the best that they can.

The simple solution, I argue, is to moderate obvious cheaters (stalling IS cheating). I always report someone who drains my time right when I get mate-in-one, trap a queen or earn some other obvious advantage. I don't actually know what Lichess DOES about this, but it doesn't seem to make things any better. I think it would be best to tempban such characters (a two strike system or something similar would work fine). Tell users that they will be banned if they keep cheating -- and ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH with bans! "Leaving games without resigning will result in a temporary ban" is clearly an empty threat. And please, streamline the reporting process so that I can immediately submit such suspicious behavior for review.

Right now this is the biggest problem with the website. Refusing to fix it seems like laziness, at this point: how hard can it be to implement such features? This is NOT intrinsic to the experience of online chess.

After taking off 5 points, ban them for sandbagging.

I suggest that after obvious rage quits, like mentioned in post #4, label them as this type of cheater and give to option to not play them. Of course, this will lead to multiple accounts which does skew usage stats and clutter the server.

@ChessMathNerd If you're internet connection is unstable, that's unfortunate but you're still ruining the game so a ban would not be out of order.

@risky-chess Percentage of time wasters is low? What are you smoking? Once in every 4 resignable positions my opponent gets he disconnects instead of resigning or at least playing on. You could start a new game but often they will come back after a minute or so to try to flag you (they hope for you to leave the game, then come back and flag you).

A players rating is in no way shape or form relevant in this. Deducting rating for poor behaviour is like giving a pupil bad grades in math for starting fights during recess. @d4Nf6 Don't be rude your random claims about 1 in 4 being ragequitters is not proof.

Idk perhaps it could be possible to introduce an option to claim victory in a position where the player can show a forced mate.

#4 ' "Leaving games without resigning will result in a temporary ban" is clearly an empty threat. ' - I wouldn't be so certain.

There may be a disconnect in what people believe counts as fulfilling the threat. I recall one poster in one of these threads suggested banning these people for a short time, like three days. Meanwhile others have complained about their ridiculously long half-hour-to-a-few-hours bans.