Players who leave table rather than resign.

I wonder a fix could see the time that players wasted, by leaving a lost game, added to the next time they return - with a note that that delay is directly because they failed to resign.

People stalling on time will receive a temporary playban, duration of which will increase with each infraction. Same goes for aborting games.

I think this can be improved. It seems this is most common with new users, who will care less about a possible ban - or even be unaware of it.

A possible solution is to differentiate between leaving the game and bad connection (which is possible to detect). If actually leaving game, eg. closing website or closing app, then the opponent should get a dialog box where he can claim draw/win. If bad connection (ie. loss of connection without detecting closing of app/site), then benefit of doubt should be given to leaving user.

my internet stink, so i ever disconnected between games. i lost many games for that. i like the ban idea, but, it's hard to be implemented.

#3 I believe this is already implemented. Bad connections have a longer period before you can claim draw/win, whereas "ragequits" have a shorter period.

Correct me if I'm wrong :)

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