People that leave the game without resigning

Hi, two points regarding this behaviour:

1) Once you are able to claim a victory from someone leaving, please allow a setting for automatically claiming it

2) In the report a user page, please create a category specific for "Leaving without resigning"

Thank you

(Edited to clarify point 1)

Sorry misread that. Think they have to allow a bit of time for genuine disconnection and so they can come back.

To clarify point 1: I mean, once that button appears saying you can claim victory, then your setting automatically claims it, so you don't have to do it yourself.

@bkaifeng I think in the v1 version of lichess you it claimed the victory automatically for you. Don't know why it's not in the v2 version, tho.

Yeah that would be better.

But now they have option of you only claiming a draw so computer needs to know by you clicking it.

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