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(probably been discussed before, but i'm too annoyed right now to care)

It feels like 50% of my won games end by my opponent just leaving the game, forcing me to wait till they time out or the site giving me the option to force the win. This amount of lack of sportsmanship amongst lichess' player base and the increasing nuisance every freaking time is about to render the site unplayable for me (which would be sad with all its great features).

There needs to be some sort of punishment for this kind of behaviour or some kind of preventing mechanism. I dont know what exactly .. but yeah ..

Mini rant over.

There is, players get timed out from being able to join games if they do that. They also receive warnings.

What'd be nice is if people who abandon games automatically resign them, thereby giving closure rather than annoyance.

Toutais, I don't think that is a good idea. Some time ago I suffered from frequant internet connetion losses. They lasted beteen 10-20s however I got back to the lichess server as fast as I could only to find out that my game has beed auto-resigned (by my oponent via the "claim victory" button) . Allow me to tell you that losing rating points that way is not cool. It might be also notated that those were 15+15 games. So the 10-20s is not a big deal.

#4 I think you have to put yourself on the recipient's side. Anyway, surely lichess has a way to tell the difference between an internet disconnection and an abandonment?

I've also had disconnections occasionally, but you'll see on my stats that I have a 100% completion rate!

Two days ago my opponent left a classic game just to start a blitz game on this site, while i waited for him...
Why is a player allowed to start a new game while he didn't finished a previous one? In my opinion, he should automatically lose the previous game, when he starts a new one...

Although it IS frustrating to see that you oponnet is ignoring you and has started a new game I don't belive that restraining people's choises by not letting them play multiple games at once is a good idea. An analogy might be something like this:
One person has bad manners he or she is slurping, so just to be sure that he/she and everyone else behaves correctly you hit them with a tea pot at the door of your restaurant.

To be frank I honesly do know what you are talking about, but I think it's important to realise that untill the person on the other side of the board has time on the clock the game is on. We agreed on that when we started the game.

I belive lichess can see the difference between high ping and just an actual disconnet. In my case it was the latter (lack of proper set of drivers) My network card would just stop working.
Abandonment is tricky since it involves inactivty rather than connection issues. It's hard to tell when someone is truly inactive.

#7 I believe the teapot is a good plan. Perhaps hitting those who leave a lost game... or at least putting a teapot icon on their page ;)

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