Patron/ card declined.

There has got to be someone no? Am I really going to have to go through PayPal?

How would a forum post here possibly reach your bank representative? What do you expect that a person from lichess could do? Just curious.

@DrHack maybe this isn't the place to post maybe I have to email Idk that's kind of what I was hoping someone could answer But everything on my banks end is good. It works fine for online purchases. My brother @Deep-Fried-Thoughts is having the same problem that's the reason I thought posting here might bring some feedback surely somone else here has had this problem. Worse case scenario I'll have to put some money on a PayPal account and try that.

@Savage_Cactus. You are realpawn? Hey buddy! Ill follow. Thank for posting this now I won't look like such an ass lol!

Very interesting - Maybe asking a lichess mod would help...

I donno what we would do tbh. We can't check if a card or paypal account is valid. Lichess doesn't handle the transaction.