Overloaded #3 gives red of incorrect inspite of being correct (checked with "hint")

In excercise about overloading, problem "Overloaded #3" gives red fill of incorrect inspite of being correct (checked with hint option).

I wasn't quite in right but in one moment hint wrongly arrowed to white bishop to eat pawn diagonaly up instead of diagonaly down left one adjanced square...

1.Bh5 Be6 2.Bxg6 Bg8
3.Bxf5 is the simplest move. It just grabs another pawn and puts Black in zugzwang (he must allow the King to enter).

3.Bxh7 also works: 3.Bxh7 Bxh7 4.g6 Bxg6 5.Kg5 Bh7 6.Kf6 and Black can't stop the pawn.

The real problem is the task given: It says ,,Get a winning position in 4 moves" not ,,get a winning position in 6 moves".

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