Option to filter out new users

In my recent experience, I have noticed there seems to be a high percentage of, shall we say, "unfair" players among new accounts. I think it would increase everyone's enjoyment if you were able to toggle your settings so that, for example, you only play accounts that have been active for more than a year say. That way, you're more likely to play someone fair as the "unfair" players will hopefully have been caught by then....

No, it would decrease the enjoyment of the new players. Someone has to play them, and you're not any more deserving of not having to do it than anyone else is.

It’s crazy to me how many people post crap along these lines. Did it never occur to you that if everyone adopted your attitude, you almost certainly wouldn’t be here because nobody would have wanted to play against you when you first started using the site? Or are you aware, and just don’t care about the blatant contradiction?

Always amazes me how aggressive people are in replying to simple posts. It's a standard feature on other chess sites. You assume everyone would toggle that feature. Of course they would still have thousands of people to play including other new accounts.

People were willing to play you when you were new.
Now it is your time to extend that courtesy and play new players too.

I do play new accounts tpr. I don't have any choice. And from what I've discovered over the last few weeks of investigation, a significant number use unfair assistance.

I want an option to filter out players who make this suggestion.

The best solution so far is to limit your game search range to be strictly above or below 1500 and you won't play brand new accounts, but there is still the small chance you play a provisional player.

#1 You need to enjoy the game,when you face a fair player.But for unfair players check out page.Not neccesarily all the new players are cheaters obviously.

Exactly how many cheaters have you encountered in your past 100 games? Somehow, I don't believe it's a "significant" number-- I've only encountered about 5 on this site in my entire lifetime memory. Perhaps some people you think are cheating are actually not.

I also agree that setting your search range to 1550+ may help, although I had mine to 1500+ for as long as I can remember, and I've been fine.

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