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  3. Not allowed to join a tournament


so from title I am not allowed to join this tournament:

It's an U1700 Rapid tournament and now I'm 1680 and I have more than a thousand of rapid games, so I don't really understand why I cannot join it.

If you read the chat someone said it is because yesterday I was over 1700 but it should not matter what I was yesterday or even two hours ago. It should matter what I am now.

Can anyone explain please?

Your highest rating this week matters. This prevents people from entering the tournament who intentionally lower their rating in order to play these tournaments.

I understand. Though first off it's not indicated this in the tournament page, so it should be changed because my question was legit and anyone could ask the the same.

Then I think that maybe a week is too much? I mean legit players who don't sandbag can have a bad day and lower their rating to a certain point that allow them to play these tournaments.
in my case I've played poorly the last two days games and dropped a lot of points and then saw this tournament that I have never played before and wanted to join...

Hey it's not the end of the world if I don't play it, but I think some more clarity would be needed.

I think the rule it is not working. Since sandbaggers clearly still around. Its not even preventing users from lose games intentionally, since when you are close to the 1500, 1700, etc barrier, you can start losing intentionally to maintain your rating inside the limits. It is just an annoying rule for those who are around that limit values, that got penalized by gaining some rating above those values, even if it is for a few minutes since you might not be that good to hold the rating.

A better rule to solve that problem (sandbagging) would be that users that dropped more than 100 points in the last week cant join the tournament.

Sandbaggers get banned. But it is not unusual for people to lose and gain a fair amount of rating in a short time. The U1700 tournaments are meant for people who are actually U1700. Not people who happened to drop under 1700 for a short periode. This is why there is a limitation.

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