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  3. No friends onlie with the new app.

Hi everyone

I updated the lichess app this morning and I realized that I can no longer see my friends when they are online. Even when I press on "online friends" says "no friends online", but I when I conect from my computer I see that my friends are onlie....

it's happening the same the same to anyone else?

I updated the app, and I see all my friends online

It seems that the problem is with my Android. I installed lichess app on an iPhone and I could see all my friends online. Then I switched to my Samsung phone and didn't see any of them.

Are you logged in? My app on android keeps logging me out everytime I open it.

Yes, i am logged in. I can't see my friends online neither from my phone nor from my tablet (both android) when i sign in from a iphone i see the icon of friends online. Maybe the problem has to do only with me.

There is a bug in your mobile app,maybe?

I reinstalled the Version 5.6.1 (a previous version) and now I can see my friends online.

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