My feedback: mouse scroll in analysis mode troublesome and unneeded, and board automatic resizing

I would just like to offer my 2 cents about some things (I think they were changed to this but not sure) that are slightly annoying now about the analysis interface when viewing the app on a desktop browser. One thing is that the fact that the mouse scroll can very quickly move forward or backward in the game can be quite annoying. I don't think this is needed at all as I can go to the beginning or end of the game and navigate with the arrow keys. Anyway the mouse scroll through the game is far too sensitive to be useful in my opinion. I often accidentally scroll way through to the beginning or end of the game when what I want to do is just scroll down to look at the analysis graph, or up to look at the game.

2nd thing that bothers me lately is that when zooming in or out in with the browser settings, the chessboard adjusts to my zooming to make the chessboard roughly the same size (this may be true on the normal board as well, not just analysis). Of course I want to be able to zoom to make the board bigger or smaller. I don't want it to adjust all the time. One result of this is that it is now difficult for me to get both the computer analysis graph and the entire board on the screen with my computer's screen size (1440x900 macbook air). In fact as I make chess videos, this now makes it difficult to make the videos properly, and combined with the scrolling issue above honestly it is quite difficult and annoying to make videos of analyzing my games.

I love lichess, so please don't take my criticism the right way. Just offering my feedback to try to help improve it. Thank you so much for the software that you have made.

Go to and enable the board resize handle.

The scrolling thing makes more sense for people with an actual physical mouse wheel that you can easily turn one increment at a time, as opposed to a multi-finger touchpad swipe that's meant to scroll smoothly. I wonder if it's possible to detect what kind of mouse the user has; probably not.

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