mobile app AI bug

so i found a bug while playing AI on mobile, i moved, AI moved and so on until i moved and AI moved with my pieces then i could only moved with AI pieces for one move... its possible that someone already found this bug but in case i report it..
Another user @Ryan90 also reported this bug. He seemed to believe it was castling-related. Do you see the issue when you castle or at other times as well.

Months ago I think I ran into this bug once, but haven't been able to reproduce recently.
Anyway, please let me know if you are able to reproduce it reliably and let me know how. Otherwise, I will keep my eye out for it and hopefully fix when I can reproduce.
Yes, that's exactly what I encountered. It's good to find I'm not alone... You can try to castle while you play offline with the computer and see whether this problem will occur. For me, 8 out of 10 it will appear after castling.
yes, its occuring after casteling, now i little play with it and 3 out of 3 it happend
It's not just me. This NightFury guy also proved that this bug will occur after castling.
Got it. Think, and I emphasize think, @veloce and I have tracked down the root cause of this. We will be creating a fix and then releasing it when we confirm that it solves the issue.

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