Metric for total time spent thinking per game

I was wondering for this to gauge what other time controls I would feel comfortable in, given my current say past 100 games. I can see time utilized for each move but not the total time spent thinking per game. Thought some other people might also find such a metric useful.

@Emdryo , that is true. However, are you suggesting that you would prefer to sum seconds up manually?

my opinion on that is, not unless there is a faster way, which i know is what you ask of.

My opinion about this, is that it doesn't matter "How long" you use on a game, what matters is what positions you use your time on, and if you find tactics and such. Doesn't matter if you manage to drag a 3+2 to 10 minutes, if all you do is speed through it

You don't need to sum seconds, just use the formula

Time spend in game = Game_time - Remaining_time_after_game + ( #_of_moves * increment)

And you are set to go.

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