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  3. Mark position to analyse during game (move to study)

Hi folks!

I find myself often in the situation during a game that I would love to save/mark the current position for post-game analysis - usually at some unseen opening positions or at difficult middlegame spots. I could obviously analyze the game once its over but I often forget to do so or am in too much of a hurry to invest the time (or don't have the correct mindset for analyses at the time I am playing).

Wouldn't it be great to have the option "copy current position to study X" in a game?
This would help me very much.

What do you guys think? Weird request or do you feel the same?


I like the idea!

It would be nice to have, but for me it is not an absolute must-have.

I am not qualified to judge the effort it would take programmers to make this work, so I guess they would have to decide if it is worth the effort or not.

One solution might be to make a note of the move number in your "notes".