Longer time limits

Played a 45 minute game as stuck doing other stuff. Made a few moves then got timed out with 9 mins to go!!
Thought the idea of long time limit was come and go within the limit! How can you get a loss when you still have 20% of the time on the clock!

Leaving for that long (about 80% of your starting time) is okay in real life tournaments, but not online. Lichess has gotten stricter on how long you can leave a game before your opponent can claim victory, because there are many online players that leave the game without resigning and make their opponents sit there waiting, especially for longer time controls. Even if you're busy doing other stuff, I suggest that you try to make a move every couple of minutes just so that Lichess doesn't think that you permanently left the game.

It's your responsibility to stay connected - think of it like not leaving the playing venue in an OTB tournament. If you lose connection for 2 minutes, your opponent can claim a win or a draw.

Thanks both, I did not disconnect though or actually leave the game. I could fully understand being penalised for that. I think it is wrong though to not be able to use your time as you wish otherwise everyone would just play short time levels.

In this instance the game was 45 minutes so my logical thinking is you are both agreeing to the possibility of being present for up to an hour and a half. It should not be the case though that you cannot utilize (your opponent too) your time as you wish. Otherwise what is the point of a time limit! Sure if the clock goes down fair enough you lose. But I think this is a major flaw in the longer time limit games then.

Time limit is simply a contract or rule to the game. If agreed both myself and my opponent having a certain amount of time to complete the game (win, lose or draw). It is totally illogical that someone can step in at anytime and say 'hey your taking too long, you lose).

Someone learning the game for example could be quick during the opening and end game, but take much longer over moves studying a more complicated middle game. With seemingly nothing in the rules or any frame of reference as to how long you actually have to make an individual move. Then its actually more time pressure than say a blitz game as you cannot just sit for 5 or 10 minutes studying a position (which surely is the point) as there is absolutely no indicator how long before you get flagged.

Lets face it this has obviously been implemented for trolls and those childish enough to walk away from a losing game and let the clock run out. Its a shame though as it does spoil the whole point of playing a longer time limit.

I do not get this either. You spend your time as you see fit. If you have to visit the restroom, if you have to eat or drink, if you have to answer a call by a significant person, then within your time you should be allowed to do so.

Lichess however should prevent players from starting another game as long as an unfinished game is still in progress.

Yes but with 4 and half two minutes games left to go! I already explained WHY I chose the time limit. Because I knew I could leave the game if I had to take a call (which was expected and happened) without having any issues finishing even if well down on time. As far as I am concerned my opponent could then do the same if he wished so there is no advantage or disadvantage to anyone. In essence If you want to play 44 minutes + move two. So long as you finish within the time there is no rule or even guidance within the rules to say how long you can take on a move.

Forget my game I'm seriously not worried about ratings etc this is just a fun game for me. But I do feel strongly that this is a serious flaw in the system and you cannot just award a random win to someone because the other guy has not moved in a while when no where does it say when entering into the game that is part of the time control.

@IanJamesHudson , I have played many games with long time controls before. If you leave the game up on one tab, and work in another tab, then you should be fine. That has been my experience anyway.

Yep that would have been my assumption and as I did. I am actually curious now if it is the system that flags you out over the move time or if the opponent gets an option to claim? Either way it needs to clear there is more to the time control than is stated at outset.

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