Lichess grows!

It is tuesday, in some countrys are summer holidays, BUT nevertheless it is amazing how fast lichess grows actually.

My dearest congrats for 15000 players online on this awsome site!
Should point out that most of the reason this number has increased is that we no longer time out websocket connections for players in game. Before if a player was idle on a page for over 10 minutes, the connection to lichess would close. This caused people to miss moves that were sent to them. We've now removed that limit and as a result the number of active connections has gone up.

This isn't strictly a sign of lichess' growth.
When we had about 12000 players online 4 months ago, it was counted same as now, or same as let's say one week ago?
No, this change happened a few days ago so the current player numbers are not comparable to numbers 4 months ago or even a week ago.

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