Lichess doesn't work properly on IPAD with IOS 10.3.3 / Problem started today

Hey support,
I am using an old IPAD with IOS 10.3.3.

Unfortunately I can not use your APP because the APP requires IOS 11, which can' be installed in my old IPAD.

But this was no problem , because I simply used Safari and opened the Lichess-site.
Everything worked fine until today.

Now I have the problem that I can't click on the search-symbol, the challenge-symbol, the bell-symbol, my Username to open my profil. I can click but no sub-menu opens up.

The rest (play, learn, watch,community, tools) works. All drop- down menues open as usual.

Did you implement anything new or must I buy a new IPad ?

Same thing is happening with my new iPad (Air 3rd gen)

Play Learn Watch Community Tools work for me but they are balky. Have to click on them more than once usually. They work fine from this page but not from the main page.

Lichess on my iPad mini stopped working today. Specifically the menu of lichess stopped working.

Some issues too with my browsers ... IOS 12.4.2, iPad Air. Can’t access my profile and my message box.

Should be fixed now. Can you please try again and report back?

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