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  3. Lag compensation changes

Lag comp has gotten major upgrades. The clocks now more accurately display the "real" game times.

If you move with .4s left on your clock, then you'll almost always have .4s left, no more and no less. In the past, it was possible to lose on time due to lag even if you moved before your clock hit 0.

Other improvements:
- Premoves are now consistently 0s.
- Opponent's clock is more accurate, less jumpy.

Some people have requested lag comp be reduced for bullet. Play a game and let us know what you think!

Won't this will lead to a lot of fifty-move draws?

I think this is pretty cool. I've lost probably 3-4 games in bullet and was going to win with 0.1 seconds, but lost. I was doing a simple ladder checkmate, or 10 perfect premoves in a row.

It is kinda weird though how you can do 20-30 moves with 0.2 seconds and still checkmate. I've done it a few times.

isaacly edited #4

It seems like people overall like 0s moves. The flip side of what you're saying is that even 10 moves away from mate, you still have a chance of making it if you can premove everything.

On a technical level, it would be trivial to impose a .02s or .01s minimum on movetimes, definitely something we'd consider. I think the FICS 0.1s minimum is too high.

Doesn't this make flagging people impossible?

If i have 10 seconds left and my opponent has 4, won't we just shuffle our pieces around until the fifty move rule comes into effect?

Premoves should remove .5 seconds from the clock. That means there are two premoves per second and 40 premoves in 20 seconds. This is fair.

Unlimited premoves is ridiculous.

I don't think that's an issue in practice, adondevamos. The objective is to win so players usually try to break the premove of their opponent to make them lose on time.