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  3. Lack of Three-check tournaments (there are no weekly, monthly, or yearly tournaments)

Dear Lichess creators/editors,
As far as the lichess tournament calendar goes there are no three-check weekly's, monthly's, and yearly's. What is up with this? Why did this happen? Can three-check be brought back?
Thank you for your attention and valuable time.

With only 7 days in the week and 8 variants, I guess they just decided they had to discard one of them. I've made an unofficial tournament to compensate:

Starts an hour before the Weekly Racing Kings tournament. I figured there wouldn't be much overlap between the people who want to check their opponent's king and the people who don't mind checks being illegal :P

Tournament not found. I assume it was automatically cancelled after no one showed up to the start.

Yearly seems to exist
Daily seems to be there too, not sure about weekly and monthly.