it takes a long time

Hey, I'm using Mozilla Firefox but got some problems in the past.. it takes like 20 seconds until i can see the whole standard page, especially the "new game box" in the middle. It also takes some more time, after getting an opponent until I'm able to play my first move. I wasn't playing that much in the last months, but it worked better before the new lichess version came.

Is this a known problem or do you have any ideas I can do? It's not because of my connection. With Microsoft Edge it doesn't work faster.


It "might" be your computer. Maybe due to less RAM (memory) lichess is not loading fast.

hey i have that problem too but i cant get to games till i "abort the game "but i don't, i just can not get it to load

What's the OS, browser version, cpu, amount of ram, internet connection? Do you have any extensions in the browser? Did other sites get slow at the same time? Have you done an internet speed check?

8gb ram, windows 10, mozilla firefox 67.01, ping 28ms, download 45mbps, upload 8,4, every other sites work. was fine here a few weeks ago.

Any idea or @thibault , is this a known issue? can't play bullet anymore, I'll get aborted because it takes too long

Maybe give a different browser a go. Chrome, maybe. And depending on how technical you are maybe the network part of Chrome's f12 developer help might give you a clue as to what it's doing/waiting for.

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