Issues with move times for correspondence games

Two questions regarding move times for correspondence games:

1) On the analysis board page, the move times (tab at the bottom) for a correspondence game seem off, they're mostly 30 or 60 seconds which clearly is wrong. See for example game: bLcGRJMe - What's up with that?

2) When exporting a correspondence game, move times are not exported and not part of the PGN (unlike for e.g. blitz or bullet games) - do they exist server side? Is there a way to get them?

The maximum time recorded for move times is one minute; this is in any game, not just correspondence.

Ok, thanks. Any idea why that is? That makes move times kinda useless. Also, how come for correspondence games the move times are always in increments of ten seconds? Pretty sure i rarely ever made a correspondence move within ten or thirty seconds yet I see that rather often.

I ultimately know nothing at all about it, but if I were to wager an uneducated guess, it would be that it all comes down to server space. You're right that it is useless for correspondence games, but it can still be useful for all the other time controls.

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