Why does it show Invalid Timestamp if I try to create a tournament for May 12th, 9 Pm

#1 A bug, it will be fixed soon, on the next Lichess restart.

It says, fetch error: Type Error: Failed to fetch

@ProgramFOX, by when can we expect the update?
Also, is there any way to schedule tournaments till then?

I don't know; could be tomorrow, could be in two days, later than that sounds less likely. Unfortunately I'm not aware of working alternatives in the meantime.

#4, #5

I have not implemented things like From position / Password / Only members of a team ( as I don't need them ). My main goal was to be able to remember tourney title, time control, duration, min required rating and games and to be able to schedule tourneys ( the scheduler checks if you want to create a tourney for a date that already has your tourney ).

Type Error: Failed to fetch can be caused by a lot of things, even things like trying create a 6 hour long bullet tourney can cause this. You also have to check that your token is right, the title is ok ( valid characters, right length ) etc. Everything has to be perfect for this to work.

In the new version you also have to fill in your username ( this was not the case when I created the readme ).

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