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I can't successfully report the user @PaddyScholarSucksAss.
Are they using some kind of trickery to make their profile unreportable?

This user is already banned, so there is no reason to report.

had the same problems, but there are more lol

- PaddyScholarWho
- WhoIsPaddyScholar
- NoImPaddyScholar
- PaddyScholarSucksAss
- wompaboost
- wampood2
and maybe Nickyboy1624 & pooioo, all serving the great PaddyScholar

i forgot paddyScholarSucks. i mean the user, not insulting

What happens when you try?

What happened was I'd fill out the form, solve the captcha, click report (or send, whatever the button is) and the captcha would just reset to a different board position and it wouldn't go through. There was something similar to this on Yahoo Answers a while back where someone posted porn that couldn't be taken down.

You need to include a game link if you make a cheat report. You should have seen an error message about it, that's a bug.

I also struggle to report really bad players like winstonsmithamm for being precisely really do I do this? There is no captcha for this alas..

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