I would like to Sponsor a feature


it would be great to have an opening reportoire feature implemented. On , they have this feature where you can mark your moves. The site is garbage, but that feature even makes me pay :). I train mostly on lichess.

It would be cool to have this feature on lichess when analyzing your own games. I use blitz mostly to practise opening moves and then go over them in the study.

Ok, features take time and all of this is for free so I feel almost guilty "requesting" something. So i thought, why not sponsor it. We all like the open-source free spirit of lichess and there are no strings attached.

In case there is support for this feature, please let me know.

@THE_STEWMAKER this has been a feature request on this site for quit some time now. There is a site focused on this which is:

It focuses on spaced repetition to learn openings. Basically it works by creating a study on lichess and then importing the pgn into the website. Then the trainer will train you repeatedly on the lines.

Also, chesstempo has an opening trainer that is free to use, as well as some other programs such as CPT (Chess Position Trainer) and COW (Chess Opening Wizard)

Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

Personally, I would love to have a chess opening trainer on lichess that is identical to CPT.

I think he wants to create his personal repertoire and have a trainer for that. Or maybe be able to go through the opening explorer and mark moves to add to his repertoire and then train them.

I guess the main question to ask is what kind of "opening trainer" does he really want. Because most of the trainers online work the same way, which is spaced repetition. I'm not sure if lichess could implement a different kind of opening trainer, that does not solely focus only on spaced repetition.

@GoodChessMind , thx for the summary! Didnt know about listudy . I know about the paid versions and i can get them (have one of them), its about the integration on lichess which would be cool.

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