I received a notification that I'm about to time out on a game that ended several days ago

Several days ago, I won a correspondence game against NavyBluePen. At the time, I believe I was using the Android app. When the game ended, I clicked the rematch button but nothing happened. No new game started, and I had no open challenges listed.

Yesterday I received a notification saying that I was about to time out in my game against NavyBluePen. When I clicked the notification it took me to our completed game. At that time I was on the website and didn't see any ticking clock. I did not have any ongoing games against NavyBluePen in my list of active games, nor did NavyBluePen have any ongoing games against me in his or her list of active games.

This morning I clicked on the completed game in the Android app and near the top it says, "Game Over". But my clock is ticking and I only have about 11 hours remaining to make a move. I tried to make a move but it won't allow me to move any pieces or pawns.

Then I opened the game on the website (using Firefox on Manjaro Linux) by clicking on it in my list of completed games. Now it does show my clock ticking with about 11 hours remaining, but I am unable to make a move. In the upper left area, it says, "Black resigned. White is victorious." Below that it shows the chat room that is normally available while a game is in progress.

If I click on the notification that warned me about timing out, it takes me to the same game but this time it does not show a ticking clock and it has the slider for Stockfish above the move list. I've only seen the ability to analyze with Stockfish after a game has ended. This page also says, "Black resigned. White is victorious." Below that it shows the Spectator room that I've only seen when a game has ended.

I originally reported this problem yesterday on the Questions and Answers forum here:

I was told to report it here at the Feedback Forum. Please help me to avoid timing out on this game which I've already won. Thank you.

ihave the same probleme and thematized abt three times

That's a very old bug. I had that too months ago. Just ignore it.

same problem here, only for correspondence games though i believe?

In other modes you can't get notifications like these of course :-) And yes, I've been having the exact same issue as well.

I appreciate all the responses. My clock ran down to zero and it still says I won the game so all is well. Next time I get one of those notifications, I'll ignore it as fuxia suggested.

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