i cant see the tournament section

what more information do you need? i uploaded screenshots so you can see how it looks in my phone
From your post it looks like you are using the app. Which operative system are you on? What version of the app are you using?

If you are using a browser: what browser and browser version are you using?
tnx for you reply IM lovlas.
android version: 5.1.1
and yes im using the app, version v6.1.2
i do get this message when i launch the app:
but when i click the link it says i have the latest version of it (last update 3/5/19)
There's that thing on android called "Android Web View", it should be up to date too, check this thing.
@BloodyBunny , the solution suggested by @OnlyStupidNamesLeft is the correct one. Update Android Webview in the Play Store. The app depends on webview in older versions of android and on Chrome in newer versions.
tnx for the replies.
like i said above, i have the latest version of Android Webview
last update 3/5/19
@BloodyBunny you also need to make sure you did not disable Android Webview application. If you disabled it, then lichess would use the old version of it (shipped with the android system) and that would explain the issue.

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