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  3. I can't filter on the game I've lost when looking at my profile.

Hi There. Like the subject line says. It works when I look at Games, Wins, Draws or Imported Games, but the Losses tab doesn't reveal anything. Can anybody help me?


Can anyone out there help me with this? The functionality still appears to be broken unless I'm missing something.

Bump. It's the first time i have seen this.

Hi, Thanks for responding. I just played a load of really quick rubbish games on the Android App against the AI. Made sure I lost (not difficult for me) and went looking for them. They're being logged under my drawn games.

You're not alone. Losses against AI are being logged into my drawn games too:


This is obviously a problem that's bigger than me and my account. Is there some way that we can flag this up so that a Lichess "employee" sees it and is able to do something about it? I can use the advanced search function as a work around but it would be nice just to have to all there in a single click.

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